Enrique Cerezo, distributor, producer and cinephile

A passionate film lover since childhood, Enrique Cerezo has built a prolific career and exerted considerable influence in the film industry through his work in a range of areas, including production, filmmaking and distribution.

An unwavering interest in history and culture within the ”seventh art” has led him to undertake painstaking work to recover and restore films from all over the world, giving rise to one of Europe’s largest and most extensive film archives.

Recover, preserve and disseminate

Preserving classic films, making them accessible and disseminating them are the main objectives of the Mercury Films distribution company. 

At its facilities, in addition to archiving films, reconstruction and digitisation work is also carried out with the latest technologies so that both their preservation and enjoyment are optimal for the end user.


Film, more than just a passion

More than 7000 catalogued and remastered titles, ready to be distributed worldwide. 80% of the films are of Spanish origin, with the remainder made up of a huge collection of European and American works, with their corresponding international distribution rights.

Mercury Films has films from all times and genres, featuring some of Spain’s most renowned acting talent: Penélope Cruz, Carmen Maura, Álex Angulo, Paz Vega, Ariadna Gil…

Also paying tribute to the country’s top directors: Buñuel, Amenábar, Álex de la Iglesia, Fernando Trueba, Julio Medem, Berlanga…, ambassadors of Spanish cinema who have garnered awards at both domestic and international festivals: Goyas, Oscars, San Sebastián, Cannes, Berlin…

             penelope-cruz-bncarmen-maura-bnpaz-vega-bnARIADNA GIL

Our greatest films, available all around the world

Mercury Films has a catalogue that showcases the industry’s long journey within our country, a platform from which we can show to the entire world the history and quality of films that bear the imprint of our culture: Viridiana, The Others, Welcome Mr. Marshall, 13 Roses, Thesis, ¡Ay Carmela!, Belle Époque, The Spirit of the Beehive, to name but a few.

Committed to optimal dissemination and distribution, Mercury has a laboratory that specialises in the processing and conservation of films, where they can be remastered in HD and 5.1 surround sound for the best possible viewing experience.

This painstaking work means that its catalogue has no bounds. Right from the beginning, the company has provided content for domestic and foreign TV channels, adapting to all digital and analogue platforms with the aim of ensuring the most widespread dissemination possible.